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Tanzcafé Arlberg

From April 2 to 16, the Arlberg becomes a stage.

Ski slopes merge into dance floors and concert stages. Swing and funk, soul and pop, jazz and R’n’B, Schlager and a cappella, big band and electro: there’s never a moment’s peace above the peaks, here there’s a cross-genre high-level sound mix that leaves no one cold. A festival that inspires international and national artists as well as the visitors, who can experience two weeks of live music at its best. Because Tanzcafé is always reinventing itself, this year for the first time the acts will not only be staged on sun terraces, in ski huts and hotel bars, but a dedicated festival stage will also be set up in Lech.

Celebrate the end of winter on the Arlberg
This unmistakable winter wonderland transforms into a dreamlike setting for a stylish open-air spectacle that is simply second to none. When the village becomes a stage, the Sonnenskiläufer are right in the middle of a line up that musically knows no bounds and is bursting with energy.
Celebrate the end of winter on the Arlberg together with us.

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