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Lechs Berge Sommer
Summer holidays in Lech

Feel the power of the nature

In recent years, more and more people have been seeking peace and relaxation in the mountains. This is perfectly understandable, because there is nothing better than discovering nature step by step, inhaling the crystal-clear mountain air and marvelling at the diversity of flora and fauna at the Arlberg. 

The hiking region Lech Zürs offers the ideal conditions for a summer holiday in Lech. 350 km of marked hiking trails for the whole family ensure a time full of enriching experiences and motivate with exciting, themed trails also children to get to know nature in a playful way.

The forest as a retreat

It has long been known that the forest has a calming effect on body, mind and soul. “Forest bathing“, which originated in Japan, means consciously taking time in nature. The reduced noise, the forest air, the rustling of the leaves and the distraction from everyday life have been proven to promote health. The general wellbeing is increased, and the immune system strengthened. During your summer holiday in Lech you will discover
countless wonderful opportunities along the Lech trail to “bath in the forest”, to experience nature with all your senses, find back your own center and feel the power of the earth .

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